Sometimes I forget I even have a blog. I go days without thinking about it and then think “whoops, haven’t checked it or written anything in awhile.”

Sometimes life gets the best of me and I’m working 14 hour days, trying to deal with major life decisions and spending my weekends doing lots of fun, yet tiring social activities.

Sometimes I am just lazy.

Whatever the reason may be, I know I’ve been less frequent lately with my posts. But to update you on some of my last posts that may have left you hanging (I know, my life is so exciting… it’s like a major cliffhanger)- here’s a little catch up.

I’m still eating healthy for my breakfasts, lunches and most dinners. Overall I’m doing a fairly decent job of eating less dairy, less sugar, bread and caffeine. Last week I did end up having a sprite zero or whatever they are calling sugar free sprite these days. It was my first soft drink since June! Still no coffee, or tea with the exception of the occasional chai.

My early morning wake ups continued for another week or so after my last post. I still got up and jogged when I had the energy but mostly just walked. Hey, at least I was still out there doing something. Then, daylight savings time started and it all  went kaput. Not only is it still pretty dark at 6am, it has also been cold and even rainy some mornings so it’s put a big damper in the whole getting out of bed routine. I am still walking to Cremorne Point every morning I can though.

My rib pain is back. It is subtle, but it is there. Is it because I’ve been back into pilates after the injury hiatus? I’m doing lots of crunches and core work so I’m guessing that’s it- but seriously, can I never use my abs again without subsequent pain? Oh and the blotchy hand disease is still there as well. It’s definitely WAY better than it was, but I actually think it’s gotten a bit worse again over the last week.

So… in a nutshell, I’m still falling apart, but making it through each day with my lovely hubby and setting my eyes on our holiday that’s coming up in 2 weeks!! I SERIOUSLY need the break!

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