Whew it’s been awhile hasn’t it?  Part of me misses blogging when I don’t get on here for ages. The other part of me can’t bear to think about writing a post with my recent hectic schedule. Alas, I finally have a peaceful night off and there’s been a lot going on for the last two months so it’s time to play catch up. What has been going on in Elsja’s world?

  •  My sister and her new Fiance visited in February
  • I’ve been travelling a bit for work (and pleasure)
  • I worked an average of 3 nights per week (and 10-11 hours per day) for the entire month of March (thank F*#K March is over!)
  • We had two weddings in the space of seven days
  • We went away three weekends
  • Our friends Tess and Kris stayed with us for a week
  • I gave a guest lecture at the University of Sydney
  • We  bought another property

Whew… even writing it all out reminds me of how manic it has been. I won’t go into too much detail about everything- but just to keep my family and friends back home up to speed (since I never have time to call these days)- the next few posts will include a few updates (in no particular order). Starting tomorrow! Stay tuned. 🙂

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