101 in 1001

My Year in Review

2008 was a good year… full of ups and downs, but luckily more ups than downs I would say. Let’s look back on my 2008… January** I rung in the …

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! We spent the day/night down at Cremorne Point with a bunch of people, drinks and food! There’s a cool public pool that kept us from melting …

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Doing My Part

It’s November and that means a few things:   1. It is Pancreatic cancer awareness month 2. It is the month of my brother-in-law, Brett’s birthday. 3. Ironically, Brett’s birthday …

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Moving Forward

So obviously, Obama won. I guess that’s old news now and everyone and their mother will be blogging about it- so I will just say this… CONGRATS OBAMA! I really …

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I Voted… I think

#31- Research presidential candidates and policies #32- Vote in the?2008 election Done and done. Ok… so I probably didn’t do AS much reseach as I should have, but I did …

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Applying for Residency

**See update at bottom of post** I’m applying for Australian temporary residency today! Woohoo. Temporary residency means I can stay here for 2 years, work and get medicare. Then after …

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