101 in 1001

#99 Buy a Filing System and Organize all Paperwork

DONE! All papers that have been flying around our house in different piles and boxes are now all in one nice neat box. I love organizing. That’s all. Boring blog.

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The Great Outdoors

So my internet took a dump this week. Australia has these awful download limits on their internet plans. Well, we (I) reached ours by downloading a few too many episodes …

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Checking Items off the List

So while in CA I was able to check two more items off my 101 list! #45.?Add 3 new board games to our collection: 1. The newest addition of Cranium. …

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A Weekend of Firsts

So I get to check another item off my 101 list… FINALLY. Friday Andrew and I walked across the Harbour Bridge (#37)! The whole walk, from where we parked the …

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Good Food & Wine

This weekend, Andrew and I went to the Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney. Can I just say that it was the best thing EVER? Ok, not EVER… but …

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Notes on Spanish

Now that I am taking a Spanish class, I have started to notice a few things… 1. I accidentally said “si” instead of yes at a Mexican restaurant when the …

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