101 in 1001

Boots and Books

Ok so I found boots! FINALLY. I went to dinner with some friends the other night in the city, and since I was 30 minutes early I decided to wander …

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Still Lazy?

Well, while I still haven’t got off the couch TOO much over the last few days I have managed to actually acheive a few things I’ve wanted to do. We …

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Animal Instincts

So this is 3 blogs for the price of one. The last piece is by far the most interesting but we’ll get to that topic in a few moments (warning, …

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Our Apartment Just Got a Little Hotter

I’d like to introduce you all to?the new addition to our apartment.   We’ve yet to name our dear chili plant. I’m taking suggestions because I just can’t think of …

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Mantra- An Indian Exploration

So my first of 20 new restaurant reviews starts with a place down the street called Mantra. I’ve only tried a few bites of Indian food before, and I was …

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Yum. I love me some chili. So I make it pretty often here in Australia. Not the most Aussie of delicacies- but I don’t carrrre. I make it for myself …

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