Sad, Mad, Bad

Shipping to Australia

And this, my friends, is why I will never in my life ship something from Old Navy (or any shop for that matter) to our place in Australia.

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The Most Ridiculous Product Ever Invented

Ok… maybe not EVER invented but let me tell you all about a new product that I just absolutely do not understand. Before I do, I’d like us all to …

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The Stress is Setting In

With only 47 days until the wedding, I am starting feel the stress. The weird thing is- it’s not really WEDDING stress, I just have stress and anxiety about about …

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Australia Post Sucks- part 2

If you don’t already know my hatred for the slumbag contractors that work for the Australian Post… read here. Here is my update to that post. Andrew and I are …

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Africa Week- Life and Death of a Kudu

Here is a sweet little kudu drinking from the watering hole by our lodge. She’s just living her life, going about her day. She’s probably cautious of her surroundings to …

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Africa Week- Soggy Safari

While in Africa, Andrew and I spent two days on our own up in Namibia near Etosha National Park. Our lodge that we stayed at was BEAUTIFUL. The bathroom was …

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