Culture Shock

I Wasn’t Expecting That

Recently in one of the American Expat forums that I’m a member of, a friend posted a photo of a product that we all knew and loved back in the …

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Now I’ve Seen it All

A musical based on the Jerry springer show. Coming to the Opera House. I can’t decide if this is repulsive, or if I actually might want to see it. I …

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Some People are so Unaware

So… my buzzer on my buidling buzzed and i just pushed the button without asking who it was. I do this by relfex because typically the only time it buzzes …

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Halloween Down Under

Halloween is so different in Australia. Only a few select areas even have kids who trick or treat. Most of Andrew’s friends weren’t allowed to dress up for candy as …

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Notes on Spanish

Now that I am taking a Spanish class, I have started to notice a few things… 1. I accidentally said “si” instead of yes at a Mexican restaurant when the …

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Fuel Prices

For all of you in the states who think you are being ripped of paying $3.71/gallon for gas (which you are, but that’s not the point)- just think of us …

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