Culture Shock

Vehicles, Vocab & Vermin

Driving:? Guess what I did yesterday? I drove for more than 5 minutes, on a freeway even! I drove out to Andrew’s dad’s house and I didn’t even crash or …

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What’s the BIG Deal?

Evidently I was in Sydney for a memorable, historical event today. But, I didn’t really get what the big deal was. Did any of you hear about the big boats …

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Church and State

So back home in the good ol’ US of A they have this little thing called Separation of Church and State. While I see the point of it (different people …

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Weekly Thoughts

This blog has?no point other than to?mention some things I’ve thought about?or experienced in the?last week or so. 1. I pretty much like any dough/batter better than the actual baked …

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My “Expert” Concert Review

Since I like music but am by no means any sort of expert, I’ll write this review with one disclaimer: this is my OPINION Last night, Andrew, Kate, Muzza and …

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The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Weird

Here are the things I’ve found so far about living in sydney: The Good: 1. ANDREW! 2. The weather is just getting warmer each day 3. Thai Intra and Bow …

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