Life Down Under

Sun and Snow

Morning: Andrew and I drove up to this beach where we ate lunch. We were wearing jeans and short sleeve shirts. The sky looked like this (ok maybe a few …

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A Weekend of Firsts

So I get to check another item off my 101 list… FINALLY. Friday Andrew and I walked across the Harbour Bridge (#37)! The whole walk, from where we parked the …

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Goon of Fortune

How to play Goon of Fortune 1. Hang “goon” (a.k.a. cask bag of wine taken out of the box) with pegs (a.k.a. clothespins) from a Hills Hoist (a.k.a. washing line) …

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Late Night Safari at The Cross

Saturday I experienced my first REAL night out in the Cross (King’s Cross is a sleezy area of overpriced bars/clubs…for you Americanos). And oh what an experience that was. I …

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California and Your Wussy Traffic Laws

I’ve heard more people complaining (or maybe they are just commenting) on the law that went into effect yesterday making it illegal to drive with a hand held cell phone. …

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I’ve Decided

I’ve decided that I would really like to wake up every morning, walk to the grocery store (if it were in walking distance) buy some interesting and diverse food and …

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