Life Down Under


Happy Times, Sad Times

I’m mixing up the whole “love/ (don’t) love” blog with my new rendition… Happy Times, Sad Times Happy Times: Walking to Balmoral Beach from my apartment is a pretty happy …

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WHY is Australia SOOO Expensive

As many of you know, I have frequently discussed how most things in Australia are very expensive compared to here. For instance: 1. A case of corona…. $70!!! 2. An oil change….$80!!! And …

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Here are a few fun, not so fun, scary and gross things that have happened over the last few days here in Australia. First the Fun: 1. Andrew took me on …

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Devil Birds… Part 2

My appologies to you Mr. Kookaburra bird. I know I was very mean in saying you sound like a devilish monkey. I mean, you do have a very interesting sound, …

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