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I Don’t Get Sick

Until today… I can’t remember the last time I got sick. Typically, if I start to feel under the weather I start downing my Wellness Formula vitamins that I SWEAR …

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Did I mention that I’m SO happy the writer’s strike ended awhile ago and that shows are?finally back on. I’ve already watched 2 new Grey’s Anatomy and some new Gossip …

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Mantra- An Indian Exploration

So my first of 20 new restaurant reviews starts with a place down the street called Mantra. I’ve only tried a few bites of Indian food before, and I was …

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Woah 2 Blogs in 1 Day

I just had to come write about my experience at the gym today… and the effects of that gym visit. I decided to do a class called “Body Pump” after …

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Weekly Thoughts

This blog has?no point other than to?mention some things I’ve thought about?or experienced in the?last week or so. 1. I pretty much like any dough/batter better than the actual baked …

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Blame it on The Rain

Yup… Milli Vanilli were right! I’m just going to blame it on the rain! I finally gave in and got myself an ultra-expensive, ridiculously overpriced gym membership. Our eliptical machine …

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