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SOUP! (and love)

What did I do today? I ATE! I actually ate real food for the first time in almost 11 days. My cleanse ended last night and technically I was only …

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96 Hours

Do you know what hasn’t happened in 96 hours? Food has not passed my lips in 96 hours. Yes that’s right, I haven’t eaten in 96 hours! I’m on day …

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Master Cleanse

So for some weird reason, I decided to do this cleanse. New year… clean out my body… blah blah. I’ve known people who have done it and they feel GREAT …

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A New Obsession??

I think it’s true… I have a new obsession. Cooking. I’ve always been obsessed with food- that was just obvious. But lately I’ve found myself actually preferring to eat in …

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Baking Madness

Andrew and I thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin muffins I made- as you can see here (I know we don’t look like we are enjoying them… but those are just grumpy …

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What’s Happening to Me?

A list of some of the things I’ve done this week in my new life as a real adult: 1. Vacuumed. Nothing so special here- except the fact that I …

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