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I Love the Internet

Maybe I’m just slow- but I just discovered igoogle. This is the best thing ever!!! I’ve always kinda wished there was something like this and now there is- in fact, …

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Changing of the Seasons

So the sad news is, there are only roughly 16 days left of summer. Boo… here comes autumn… blah blah blah (and P.S. this weekend was the first time I even went …

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About That Time

For another session of things I love/don’t love 1. I love my cool new see through blue citibank ATM card. Yes, I’m serious… I really am happy that it looks …

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Mission Accomplished

I’ve been searching and searching for a wine bar/cabinet for MONTHS now. Literally months! I’ve found a few that are decent, but they are all cheaply made, or small, or …

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Music Makes all the Difference

So I finally put some new music on my ipod… not tons, but about 5-6 songs that I could add to my gymjam playlist. Seriously, I was so bored at …

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Retarded Quiznos

So I eat at Quiznos a lot and at many different locations. For some reason, I always seem to have problems at one particular location… (see here for my initial …

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