Confessions of a Bus Driver

On the bus yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a bus driver have a conversation with himself. Well at least I thought he was talking to himself but …

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Relationship Advice from Strangers- Part III

Back from a hiatus to provide you more relationship advice from complete strangers. 16. Do things together. Be US, not you and I. 17. Do not “sext” other guys 18. …

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Relationship Advice from Strangers – Part II

This little batch of advice all came from one guy who sat by the pool writing in my notebook for about 2 hours. 1. Don’t cheat unless you know you …

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Relationship Advice from Strangers – Part I

Just in time for Valentines Day, I’ve got some love tips for you all!! A while back I think I mentioned how my friends were so kind as to collect …

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Theyyyy’re Baaaack

The 3am wake up calls have returned. It’s been awhile since we experienced one of these- but my poor immune system the last few days?has caused me to toss and …

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Woah Baby

I think when you’re in a serious relationship, you tend to wonder what your future children will look like. Ok, maybe that’s only me- I’m sure Andrew NEVER thinks about …

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