Airplanes for Dummies

In case you need some explanation… ?

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Dear Neighbors, Part 2

Dear Neighbors, No… not you two… I’m talking to the ones upstairs who speak in some language I cannot decipher. I am really getting sick of your late night chats …

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Is it Weird?

Today I ventured out of the apartment for a few hours to meet up with some fellow ex-pats. Is it weird that I’ve never met these people in person (until …

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Sleepwalking Dogs

I FINALLY upgraded to the newest version of wordpress and that means I can FINALLY upload videos again. YAY. Thanks so much to my techy savior Emanuel for helping me …

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Birthdays and Earth Days

First of all, happy happy birthday to my dad 🙂 Secondly… Happy Earth Day for tomorrow. I really don’t celebrate Darth Day. How does one celebrate anyways? Pick up trash/rubbish? …

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Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors, Yes, I’m talking to the two of you who like to have loud, raunchy sex at night. I realize that your identities still remain a mystery- yet I …

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