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Ocha Teapot

The Ocha Teapot

Have I ever mentioned that this is a big tea drinking household? Andrew probably has 5 cups a day when he’s home, and while I may not drink it as …

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Casino Rehearsal

About the author: Laura Jack is 27 years old living with her partner, Josh in a flat in Melbourne City Centre. She’s a part-time guest blogger and a full-time accountant …

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Professor for a day

Professor For a Day

Two weeks ago I had a full.on.week. Andrew and I traveled to Melbourne for a wedding on Friday, then Sunday I flew from Melbourne to Auckland where I conducted some …

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Stationery, Calendars, Binders… Love

People who know me well will know I’m a sucker for anything related to organising and planning. One of my favourite things about going back to school was the shopping. …

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Love Series: Yoga Studio

Here’s a fun fact about me. In general, I hate exercise. Like REALLY hate it. I do it because I know I should but it usually makes me miserable even thinking about …

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Skyfall & Beer

When I was little I had this fascination with spies… you know, like secret agent, James Bond type spies. I actually had a spy club at one point and we …

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