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Crafty McCrafterson

I decided to become a crafter. It’ll probably last a day and then I’ll get over it. But who knows… maybe my newfound (potential) hobby will continue past this weekend! …

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Well we did it!! It’s official.   Old Islands Website   New Islands Website What do you think???

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Website Madness

Go to this site:  ISLANDS RESTAURANTS Study it… remember it… listen to the annoying neverending wave sound effects…enjoy it while you can, because on Sunday- it will be GONE! Replaced …

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My Painting of Brett

I couldn’t show it until my sister Jan saw it, but it arrived to her in Texas today so now I can post it for everyone to see.  I’m usually …

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My Artsy Weekend

I pretty much spent most of Friday night and some of Saturday just painting. Let me remind everyone, I am not an artist… other than some rocking chairs for my …

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Even Better Online Shopping

***Updated*** So someone named Bruce posted a comment suggesting Im not really choosy but I just think people should sign up for one of these. Seriously- it’s free and I know people …

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