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Wedding Shower Bliss

Today was the day… the day we had ALLLL been waiting for. The wedding shower of Miss Shannon Marcee Saenz, the first. (Soon to be Shannon Marcee Henderson, the first)! …

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I’m a Blog Lagger

Geez I’m so boring lately with my blog… but I just really haven’t done anything this week that is worth writing about (other than Nicole’s yummy birthday dinner at Tantalum– …

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Offically the Coolest Kid Ever!!

    James… doesn’t this make you want a kid even a TEENY bit??   Seriously, how cute is this?

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Who knew?

I could upload all my previous blogger posts to my new blog. Awesome. I feel so organized now.

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I have decided to change my “dude someone help my fix the italics” post to my “YAY DOUGIE RULES” post!! Id like to give a big thanks to Douglas Henderson …

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More Cute Things That Kids Say

Two cute things I heard today from two different 3 year olds. The first was a client. We were making pizzas out of play dough and I was asking him …

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