Gibber Jabber

New bloggy blog

I got a new blog. Yay. Cooler than this one, but kinda more difficult- so it may look retarded and bare for a few days. I was going to repost …

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Hi welcome to my new and hopefully improved blog

I have nothing to say yet because I’m still trying this all out!

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Help Save Some Boobies… And Some Lives!!

I’m posting this for Shannon. This is her deal and I’m proud of her for doing it! Read the message below written by her and help out if you can. …

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How do kids have so much energy?

I babysat today. I love Preston and Emma, but I definitely don’t have the energy of a 3 or 6 year old! I had the luxury of spending 2 hours …

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My stupid temporary blog

Well… as much as I didn’t want to get a stupid free lame blog… it is taking to long too get my actual REAL website up… so this will …

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