Gibber Jabber

Random Things About my Week

1. I paid off my credit card!! YAY!! I haven’t been debt free from credit cards since I started grad-school in 2004. Well now, they are finally paid off. Sure …

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  So I keep getting these early fraud warnings from Citi Mastercard telling me they’ve noticed odd charges on my card. Well on the letter it says “if you identify …

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Here are some fun facts about this weekend and some of the events that occured.   1. It has already been 1 week since Shannon and Dougie’s wedding. SHEEEZ!!  This …

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Is This a Joke?

Ok… I was browsing itunes earlier looking for cool new songs and videos. I came across this:           Ok, am I seriously the ONLY person on …

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My Furry Friend

He’s still lurking up there… the creature in my attic. I hadn’t heard him in a few days so I thought his life was doomed and it probably came to …

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Fun Fun.

Jen did it so I copied her! I did one of these years ago but I can’t remember who all my people were so I tried it again. I tried a few …

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