I Can’t Believe It!

After 3 months, my love Andrew finally updated his blog. What an exciting day.

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Sad Day, Happy Week

Well the time had to come. My boyfriend had to go home, but I’m still happy because he did stay an extra 3 days longer than he was supposed to …

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Yippeee Skippeeee

Today is a happy happy day. Today my dear boyfriend booked a flight to come see me!!! Earlier than I expected too! He wasnt supposed to come until mid-November but …

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A Good End to a Hard Week

Well it’s not the weekend yet for me… but it is for my wonderful boyfriend who had a rough week 🙁 It was just one of those weeks full of stress and crap …

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Home Again

They say “home is where the heart is” which is mostly true, but in my situation right now, I feel like my heart is on the other side of the …

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Sept 17th

is the crappiest day ever. I’m going home now and I’m sad. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I hate leaving the person I love and not knowing when Ill …

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