I Love TV


Masterchef… oh how I will miss thee. You brought joy and happiness to my life 6 nights a week. SIX nights! You inspired me to perfect my pizza dough and …

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Airplane Food

Did anyone see last night’s episode of Masterchef? The one where they cooked for Qantas? I just have to say… are those judges kidding with their criticism? Alan Joyce actually …

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Silver Linings – May 27 2010

Silver linings of the day… 1.  I found out one of our friends is now planning to come to the wedding when originally we thought she wouldn’t make it. 2. …

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Missing Australia

I’m definitely happy to be home, and I’m loving spending time with my friends and family- but there a a few things I am missing. 1. Andrew. Feels like I …

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Sunday Movie Day

On Sunday we spent the day at Andrew’s dad’s house watching movies.  Are you looking for some feel good movies to watch this week  Well, these are NOT what you …

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I had a whole Idol review typed out last night. Hit post and then went on my merry way. Well this morning it has disappeared. Damnit! All that work for …

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