I Love TV


Did I mention that I’m SO happy the writer’s strike ended awhile ago and that shows are?finally back on. I’ve already watched 2 new Grey’s Anatomy and some new Gossip …

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I Love Neil Diamond

Maybe it is just because?they are what I listened to when I was a kid (or what I was exposed to via parents)… but something about Neil Diamond songs makes …

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Ciao Carly!

I’m glad it was one of the girls who went home tonight… but WHY THE HELL wasn’t it Brooke? I don’t understand how that girl is still in the top …

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Your One and Only Beaver

These are the kind of commercials we have here in Australia… I see it a few times/week. Do you think this would ever make it in the US? I highly …

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I love American Idol this season. It’s the only season I’ve ever fully watched. Is anyone else really sad that the Aussie got voted off? Awww poor Aussie boy. I’m …

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Weekly Thoughts

This blog has?no point other than to?mention some things I’ve thought about?or experienced in the?last week or so. 1. I pretty much like any dough/batter better than the actual baked …

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