I Love TV


Things I’ve learned about TV in Australia… and other topics of interest. 1. Cable didn’t even arrive in Australia until 1995. Yes… 1995! Andrew said that in high school people …

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I’m Confused

Huh??? I don’t get it. But you know what we?DOOOO get?? CABLE Finally got some?cable today after not having any for a month. Too bad it doesn’t work on my …

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Posh Rules!

I don’t really care for reality shows at all… that’s Jen’s forte! And I’ve never even cared for Victoria Beckham (a.k.a. posh spice). She never smiles, blah blah… I don’t …

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Whatever Shall I do?

All my shows are over. 🙁 boohoo… Last week and this week I am saying goodbye to the following shows…                       …

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To lighten the mood after my last depressing post…

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I like how they kept trying to advertise “2 hour greys anatomy” when really its just their attempt at shoving a new show down your throat, whether you want to …

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