I Love TV

Awww the Memories

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who remembers this so I was very excited to find this on youtube. Don’t ask why I searched for it… because I really …

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I’m Lost… and in Pain

I have one word for last night’s LOST… BORING Geez how slow can you get? I always start to think I’ve got things figured out and then i realize… I’m just as lost …

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Ok so take a look at this picture…where is the focus??? Who is the main character in this shot??   Oh thats right… MEREDITH… Meredith GREY as in GREY’S ANATOMY… …

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The Nine

    As if I need ANY more television shows to watch. It used to just be 3- Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Desperate Housewives (and CSI, but I never watched …

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A Good End to a Hard Week

Well it’s not the weekend yet for me… but it is for my wonderful boyfriend who had a rough week 🙁 It was just one of those weeks full of stress and crap …

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