1 More Thing

Congrats to Deanna and Mike who had their sweet little baby on 07/17/07. I haven’t actually seen her to know that she is sweet, but pretty much all babies are …

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A Fun Fourth

    I love the 4th of July! It’s just a nice summery, warm day filled with BBQs, friends, family, drinks, fireworks, water fun… I spent the day with my …

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Emma Sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

On our way to the airport yesterday Emma decided to start singing for about 30 minutes. She kept trying to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game but she …

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A Nice Weekend

Well even though the weather was pretty shit until 3 or so every day, I still had a nice weekend. Friday was real fun. I went to Magic Castle with …

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Just Drug the Children

Jen You will appreciate this one! LasT night Andrew and I were talking about how one day (far, far, far in the future) it will be very difficult to take …

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Starting Early

First, to see what I was up to this weekend, see Jen’s Blog Now, these kids are the biggest nerds, but… I do find them quite amusing and funny. They …

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