I Hate People Sometimes

Wicked Witch of the Building

Ok so I promised a story about the neighbor whorebag. Well here it is… Andrew and I have lived here 2 years. In the 2 years, we’ve never ever had …

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Missing Australia

I’m definitely happy to be home, and I’m loving spending time with my friends and family- but there a a few things I am missing. 1. Andrew. Feels like I …

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A Lesson in Geography

Ok I know I’m not blogging, but I’m too busy visiting family and friends but I thought I’d post about an interesting experience I had yesterday with a woman who …

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Dear Neighbors, Part 2

Dear Neighbors, No… not you two… I’m talking to the ones upstairs who speak in some language I cannot decipher. I am really getting sick of your late night chats …

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Swine Flu

I’d like to share with you my feelings on infected ham snot. I am not afraid of the swine flu. It’s the flu. I haven’t gotten any sort of flu …

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Sex in the City

By titling this post Sex in the City, I am simply referring to the fact that some people just should?NOT have sex in the city… or ANYWHERE for that matter! …

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