Africa Week- Soggy Safari

While in Africa, Andrew and I spent two days on our own up in Namibia near Etosha National Park. Our lodge that we stayed at was BEAUTIFUL. The bathroom was …

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So remember a few posts ago when I had this whole dilemma… “is it spring? Is it summer?I just don’t know because it was coolish and now it’s hot… blah …

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Spring… Summer…What’s the Deal?

I wish the weather would make up its mind. Should I pack away the sweaters or not? Should I put  the heater back up in the closet I just don’t …

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A Few Updates

My life has suddenly become so exciting, and yet so boring at the same time. Exciting because I have all this wedding stuff swimming around in my brain and it’s …

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Random Thoughts

After seeing the preview for “My Sister’s Keeper,” I decided to read the book, so I bought it and could barely put it down. I finished it in a few …

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Something New to Fear

I’ve never feared rain… well, other than the times when I just straighten my hair and I don’t want it to turn into a giant fro ball! No, the rain …

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