Goodbye Summer

  It’s official… well, technically it’s been official since the beginning of March- but today it really felt like the start of Autumn. Actually, it felt like winter but whatever. …

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It’s a Little Hot

So when I went home to California, I was greeted first by a chill in the January winter air and then by a good ol’ fashioned California earthquake. The weather …

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It’s Getting Warmer

Thank goodness for the sun! While I don’t want to speak too soon, I think spring (and even summer) is coming! Today I planted my new little mini garden. Just …

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Sun and Snow

Morning: Andrew and I drove up to this beach where we ate lunch. We were wearing jeans and short sleeve shirts. The sky looked like this (ok maybe a few …

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Forcast: RAIN… AGAIN!!

Remember this??? ? Well so far… it has been totally accurate. I sure did enjoy my ONE WEEK of summer this year in Sydney. It really was nice to see …

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It’s good to know that there may be ONE week of sun this month. FREAKIN HELL! So much for summer. Might as well bring on winter and get it over …

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