Challenge Accepted- 15 Things, #1

My friend Jen recently wrote a blog how she’s been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. Sometimes life throws stuff at us that we just have to deal with, accept and learn from.  Right now- that’s what she’s doing. Not only is she keeping her chin up, she’s trying to do so with a smile. She recently read an article about a challenge to make a list of 15 *specific, detailed* things that make you happy and was surprised to discover that making such a list is actually quite hard. Now I totally know how hard it is because I’ve done this before, with a list of 101 (!) things, although my list wasn’t super detailed. But since she suggested that we all take this challenge with her, I gladly accepted. I know what it’s like to go through down times. Sometimes nothing seems to go right and usually it’s during these times that the last thing I want to do is be positive. But it’s important to remember the little things that make us smile even when times are tough.

So here it goes… things that make me happy, #1

On cold nights where all I can think about is getting snuggled up under the warm covers, I love when Andrew is wearing a really soft T-shirt and I give him a big hug. He is ultra cuddly and cozy to snuggle up with in his soft tees and those minutes of cuddling before we fall asleep make me smile. You know when this is particularly comforting? Right after I’ve watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Snuggles with my husband in his soft T shirt right after watching a sappy TV show makes me very happy. And since I don’t have a photo of Andrew and I cuddling… here are some cute animals instead.



Alright… #1 wasn’t so hard. What will I think of next?




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