So while in CA I was able to check two more items off my 101 list!

#45.?Add 3 new board games to our collection:

1. The newest addition of Cranium. I’ve never actually played this game, but I always hear about it and?to be honest,?the packaging won me over. I definitely did “judge a book by its cover.” Or in this instance, a game by its box.

2. Buzz Word. This looked like another game along the lines of outburst which is always pretty fun. And I definitely think we could modify this into a drinking game. Basically the premise is that you have a word- “Ball” for instance, and then it gives you all types of clues for types of balls. (On top of spaghetti… meatball; inflatable sand toy… beach ball; Halle Berry won an oscar for it… Monster’s Ball). Then obviously your team has to guess as many as possible. Easy enough!

3. Electronic Catch phrase. I played this at our Christmas in July party and it was super fun. It’s like hot potato and you pass around this thing that spits out words at you and you have to give clues to?try to get your teammates to say the word. Then when they do, you pass?the thing?to the next person. Since it’s like hot potato… it has one of those annoying countdown clocks that gets faster and faster towards the end- totally stressing you out.

Fun times ahead!

Another thing I did while in CA that I can check off my list is #23 – Get In touch with someone I haven’t talked to in years.

Well, at the beginning of my trip I was able to go to lunch with my old friends Jodee, Kristin and Harmony. I did hang out with Jodee several years back but I hadn’t seen Harmony or Krisitn in close to 10 years. Harmony was one of my best friends in high school so it was really great to see her again (as well as the other girls too:) ) Andrew and I also went to a BBQ at Harmony and Ryan’s house the day we were leaving to come back to Sydney. It was great to catch up with some old friends and of course BBQs in warm sunny weather ALWAYS make me happy!

So yeah… two more things checked off my list. I still have a long ways to go, but at least I’m still putting in the effort! I do have to modify a few of my goals after finding out some of them aren’t even legally possible for me here in Australia. I’ll think about it later.

2 thoughts on “Checking Items off the List”

  1. i LOVE cranium- the best game that you’ll ever play.

    also, just got buzzword; haven’t played it yet. lemme know how it is! you’re lucky- your boyfriend speaks english as his native tongue, although he’s from another country, but i have a tough time playing american-english games with my husband since it’s third language!!!

    takes the glory out of these fun games!

    oh, also, another game that’s cute, easy is called BLINK.

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