Yum. I love me some chili. So I make it pretty often here in Australia. Not the most Aussie of delicacies- but I don’t carrrre. I make it for myself and myself alone. (I’d make it for andrew too but he refuses to eat ground turkey so one day when I decide to eat meat, I’ll make him a beefy version).

My mom used to make very simple, basic chili and it was my favorite! When I moved to Australia, I couldn’t find the exact ingredients she used, so I had to improvise- and I ended up creating my own version which is significantly different from hers, but I love it. Since I usually just wing it and throw things in without measuring (which is primarily how I cook most things), I didn’t really have a way to share the recipe with anyone… So as one of my 101 in 1001 tasks, I decided to make my chili and actually record the recipe for once as I make it.

Sooo here it goes… #80 – Write down my recipe for chilli… is now COMPLETE! Dang at this rate I’ll be finishing the 101 tasks in 101 days! Ok not really. I just have lots of free time to kill!

This chilli is a little sweet and a little spicy (like me)… so cut back on cayenne and sugar if you like!

Elsja’s Chilli

**I’d like to copywright this recipe, but I’m probably the only one who would love it enough to do so, so I think I’ll be alright.**
2 cans chopped tomatoes (plain, not with any fancy other ingredients added)
2 cans kidney beans (with juice)
2 cans of water (just use tomato can)
1 package ground/minced turkey or chicken (600g/about 1lb)… or use beef if you prefer mammals to poultry…
1 large onion, chopped
1/2 cup ketchup
3 Tbsp brown sugar
1 Tbsp margarine or olive oil
2 1/2 Tbsp Mexican chilli powder (yes you can find this at woolies)
1/2 – 1 Tsp cayenne pepper ( will be spicy!)Salt and Pepper to taste

  • Melt butter in a sautee pan and add onions. Cook on medium heat until onions start to “sweat” (that means to turn clear, not brown- something I learned from my cooking basics book I posted about in my last thread).
  • Add turkey/chicken , cayenne pepper, and Mexican chili powder to the cooking onions. Add salt and pepper to taste. Stir often and cook thoroughly.
  • In a large pot mix together beans, canned tomatoes, water, ketchup and brown sugar. Add turkey and onions to the pot.
  • Bring to a boil over medium heat. STIR OCCASIONALLY/FREQUENTLY over the first 10 minutes to keep the beans/turkey from sticking to the bottom of the pan (I learned my lesson).
  • Cover and reduce to low heat. Simmer for 30-40 minutes. Continue to stir occasionally- just to be safe

YUM. Going to go eat some for din din with some low-fat Jatz (those are like Ritz for you US folk)!
PS.. the sky outside is officially 100% cloudy and pink. I have a feeling I’ll be hearing some thunder soon. Oh… “is it STILL raining” you ask? Why YES… IT’S STILL FREAKING RAINING!
Dinner time.

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