Last night, Andrew and I went to dinner at a restaurant up the road called “Chilli Lime Too” which we have appropriately renamed “Chilli Lime Poo.” Here’s a synapsis of the events of the night. It’s long, but well worth the read. (I know Jen and James will really appreciate this story)

1. Entered restaurant. Really cute place, we were the first ones there.

2. Realized that the menu items were totally different than those on the website and the prices were also higher. We made a decision to stay and eat anyways.

3. We ordered, but?before we ordered we asked the waitress if the chicken was white breast meat (because thats all I eat). She said it was, so we placed our order (we were still the only people in the place).

4. 15-20 minutes later we finally got our appetizer. About 20 minutes after that we finally got our 1st dish of 2 that we ordered. (remember, we were the only people in there and it took 40 minutes to get the 1st dish).

5. Started eating and realized it wasn’t white meat chicken (like we asked). We asked the waitress about this and she came back and said “oh yeah it’s a mix of breast and thigh meat.” We reminded her that we only wanted breast meat and asked if the next dish could be white meat only… but AS we were asking this- the second dish came out.

6. Second dish had NO white meat. Andrew called another waiter over and requested that they take it back since we asked for white meat only. He said “you don’t need to make a new one, we’re already full.” We then asked for the bill.

7. Bill came out and both dishes were charged. Andrew called the waiter over and said there must be a mistake. We reminded him that the dish was wrong and we didnt eat it so it should be taken off. This might seem picky but the point is- we ASKED specifically for something and DIDN’T get it.

8. Another waitress came?over and simply dropped the bill on the table and said “the bill stands.”

9. Andrew asked to speak to a manager and this tweaked out young white guy came out, he already seemed pissed and agitated before we even started talking to him. He started telling us “too bad, what’s wrong with my chicken? You ate some of it so you have to pay.”

10. Andrew reminded the guy that we got something we DIDN’T ask for and we DIDN’T eat any of it and if he didnt take it off the bill we would walk out.

11. The?owner/manager threw the bill at us and said “you threatened to walk?out I’m?calling the cops.” Andrew told him to go ahead. We were literally LAUGHING at this point.

12. The owner started calling the cops (why?? who knows, at this point we were still sitting there and we never refused to pay, we just wanted that 1 dish removed).

13. Andrew went to talk some sense into him. The guy tried to assure us that the menu on the internet said “white and dark meat chicken is used” – well… A. it doesnt say that, I checked. B. if he wants to start bringing up the online menu I’d be happy to remind him that the menu is TOTALLY different AND the prices are CHEAPER online… so BAD argument dude!! Plus- we ASKED the waitress specifically BEFORE we ordered.

14. At this point I started talking to the customers sitting next to us and they were telling me how they were very unhappy with the place as well and they also planned on telling the manager that they would not be returning.

15. The owner finally let us pay (the bill without the shit dish). Then he told us to get out of his restaurant. Let me just remind you that NEVER ONCE did we yell, make a scene or do anything to warrant him throwing us out.

16. I told the owner I was still drinking my wine that we paid a corkage fee for, so I would leave when I was done. (I wasn’t really still drinking, but i just said that to be a bitch). He told me he would give me a cork so we could leave. This guy was off his rocker. Since we didnt get up right away he picked up the phone again to call the cops. Andrew told him to go right ahead because he knew we did NOTHING wrong and we were NOT making a scene… the manager was.

17. We finally got up to leave and we were chatting to the same customers next to us and the manager told us to stop talking to his customers.

18. Andrew said “I think they are quite happy to talk to us” (which they were).

19. Finally, we left (laughing) and came home with a great story to tell.

Andrew emailed his friend Jo to tell her about the night because he thought she really liked the place. This was her reply:

OMG!?No we HATE that place!?? Andrew’s sister was reduced to tears there once when we went out for a family dinner. The waitress was bringing out our entree’s really quickly and then taking them away well before we had finished?so Kate asked her to slow it down a bit. After that the waitress was soooooo rude to us, particularly?Kate. She went to take away one of our entree’s that was well and truly finished and goes ‘are you finished with this one?’ and we were like yep thanx and she went “ARE YOU SURE?!”? Anyway, the restaurant was packed with a function going on in one half and?the waitress came up to?kate and said ‘do you mind keeping it down, people are complaianing about the noise you’re making. Kate said “What, the noise our table is making?’ and the waitress looked and Kate and said soooo rudely “No, the noise you PERSONALLY are making!” Anyway Kate cried and then went and complained to the chef with her Dad and the?waitress stormed out past her and said ‘you are such a bitch!”…….??Aaaah – Chilli Lime Too just has the?worst rep!


ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL?? Too bad Andrew’s brother Paul (the DJ) moved to the west coast because if he was still a DJ in Sydney, that restaurant would get BAGGED out on the radio BIG TIME 🙂

3 thoughts on “Chilli Lime Poo”

  1. you would never get that service at sea or planet thai!!! i just don’t understand how places like that stay in business.

  2. They’re lucky they’re not in the LBC…you can only imagine what would happen if James had this encounter…let’s just say there would be some cops around, fo sho!

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