A perk of being on the social committee at work is that I get to go to events like the one I went to on Tuesday night. It was Sydney Marriott’s Christmas in July party and wow…it was stellar. They put on the event for companies in the hopes that you will book your corporate Christmas parties and other events at their property. I have to admit, their tactics did impress.

Let’s just go through a list of everything they were serving…

  • An oyster and shrimp/prawn bar
  • A cocktail bar
  • A turkey/stuffing carving station
  • Passed canapes including chicken skewers, salmon pancake things, Thai chicken cups, lamb meatballs, olive and ricotta tarts and more…
  • A mulled wine bar
  • A dessert bar (with creme brulee torched on the spot)
  • Passed wine, beer and champagne

And the piece de resistance…

The Croquembouche

(Yes, why I DID hear angels singing from above when it came out from behind the doors. Thanks for asking.)

For those of you who don’t know… this gem is a tower of profiteroles (fancy cream puffs) held together by a drizzled layer of crystalised caramel and then all that sparkly loveliness (“angel hair”) wrapped around is  crystalised sugar. On Sunday I just so happened to be watching a taped episode of MasterChef and they made these delectable towers as one of the competitions. I was nearly in tears because I wanted to eat one so badly. (D Diet makes me a little loopy sometimes). So imagine my joy when one appears right before my eyes on one of the very days that I’m taking a break from the hellish limitations of the D Diet … and for free! Oh the joy!

Food, entertainment, vendors pawning off free chocolate on us and a photobooth, all for the low low cost of free ninety nine! Just another reason I love my job.

Who’s bragging about food now evil husband!?!

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