Another Christmas down 🙁 So sad that we have to wait another year for all the holiday fun and food and festivities. I hope Christmas was good for everyone… I know it was for me 🙂 My family had a nice time watching the kids get excited that Santa had been there. We ate our traditional Swedish pancake breakfast and Turkey dinner. Just my parents, my sister and her family and me.  I am sad that I couldnt spend Christmas with my love… but he’ll be here in a few weeks 🙂

shuffle.pngI’m REALLY excited about my wonderful new ipod shuffle that I got for Christmas. I already used it at the gym and it is so exciting to just clip it onto my clothes rather than set it on the machine and worry about dropping it (like i have several times). Last night I spent a good hour updating my gymjam playlist to include some fun new songs for me to break a sweat to.

Another fun item is my new Treo wx phone. Got this last week, mainly for work purposes… but it is nice to have the internet and email at my fingertips. Now I spend a lot less time on my actual computer. That is probably a good thing!treo.png

 I think one of the most exciting things I did this week was buy a huge bin of Christmas ornaments, all at 50% off. Why you ask? Well, for my Christmas tree… that I will have next year… in the apartment/house that I don’t have yet… but I will. I hope. Otherwise, I’ll still be living at home with a big box of colored glass balls in my bedroom. That would SUCK. Oh, and I also bought 50% off plates and cooking utensils and stuff like that… again, for the house i dont have yet.

And the most important day of this whole week (other than Christmas) is today. Because today is the day I met Andrew for the first time (in person) in Sydney. Awww it’s been a whole year since I met my love! Crazy how time flies. And here’s a distorted picture from that very night. 🙂


Australia-Fiji Jan 2006 289 (Small).jpg


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