churchstateseparation.jpgSo back home in the good ol’ US of A they have this little thing called Separation of Church and State. While I see the point of it (different people are from different religious backgrounds, so it is only fair) I also think it is sad when people take it too far and start crying and flipping out about every little mention of religion in a school, mall or even on a soda can.

I honestly think Americans are becoming the whineyist (yes, that’s a word) bunch of people on earth.?People seriously need to get over themselves, live their OWN lives and just stop worrying about?the preferences of others.??I give the following examples to back up my statement:

  • People whine that their kids say prayers in some schools. Then when they take prayer out of schools, people whine that their kids aren’t allowed to pray.
  • People whine that their kids shouldn’t have to say “God” in the pledge of Allegiance.
  • Easter Break as I once knew it has been morphed into Spring Break because people whined that Easter isn’t celebrated by all. But isn’t Easter the reason we started having a week holiday in the first place? We don’t celebrate autumn with an “autumn break.” I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for Easter-?Spring break wouldnt exist.?I could be wrong here… don’t feel the need to start giving me the real definition of spring break… i really don’t care- it’s not the point.
  • Schools and work places now have to have holiday parties because people whine about using the word Christmas.
  • A Christmas tree was actually taken down at an airport in Seattle because people whined about it. Seriously- since when is a Christmas tree offensive?
  • Gay people can’t get married because religious people whine about it.

Now, I must say, I’m not complaining about other religions or anything, but seriously Pepsi even omitted the word “God” from their patriotic can awhile back because people threw a fit! I’m SOOOOO over whiney over-dramatic people. It’s like people got this freedom and they say times are changing and now all they want to do is bitch and moan about every little thing. Honestly, was anyone REALLY REALLY bothered that Pepsi had the pledge of allegiance on it’s can? If so… GET OVER IT!!! Drink Coke in protest! But seriously, just shut the hell up! If Coke started putting the Jewish star on their cans around Hanukkah, I wouldn’t care ONE bit. Seriously… who gives a shit!?!

Sometimes I feel like a high-stress person, but I realize I must be incredibly calm if other people on this earth are getting all hot and bothered about some of the lamest things.

America was obviously originally inhabited by Native Americans and then the Christian English people came over. They had their own views and as new people and religions landed on US soil, the country became more diverse. The problem is, all religions are different, people are different. You can’t please everyone- so instead of dealing with a few whiney people who bitch about the word God being on a Pepsi can, Pepsi chooses to take it off. I bet they lost more sales due to the people they pissed off by changing the pledge!

I bring all this up due to a speech I saw today. It was the Prime Minister of Australia giving a speech apologizing to the Aboriginals of Australia. The speech wasn’t what got to me. It was the fact that not only did the parliament hearing start off with a little blessing… but the blessing was then followed by the full Lord’s Prayer! You know, “Our Father, who art in Heaven…”

It seriously shocked me to see this kind of prayer in a government meeting. Andrew has explained to me that this country was built on Christian beliefs and people know when they come here that they can follow their own religions, but Australia as a nation is Christian. People don’t whine and moan about it because they knew that when they came here and they CHOSE to come here. People don’t ?HAVE?to come here?or to the US. They make a choice.?He also said that the government has basically stated to people that English is spoken in Australia so if you want to come here- learn English. In the US, our government is too afraid to call English our official language.

OK, I must point out that I’m not criticizing any religion. Religion actually has nothing to do with my point if you read it clearly enough. It’s just a matter of people bitching and moaning about every tiny thing that doesn’t work exaclty how they want it in THEIR lives. They just don’t care about what anyone else thinks or believes.

I wish people would all live their own lives and stop making such a fuss over such trivial unimportant things. I just want to shake people and tell them to GET OVER IT!!

Ok I’m ready for people and their opinionated comments here telling me I’m being one sided, blah blah. I’m only stating these things because I’ve come to see how different the US and Australia are and it really puts things into perspective for me.

End of Rant.

5 thoughts on “Church and State”

  1. sorry elsja, im gonna have to disagree with you on some of your points:
    1)there is a huge difference between being forced to pray in school and not permitting an agenda of “official” prayer in a state funded school. thats why churches run their own schools.

    2)the pledge of allegiance was written like 100 years ago by the companies that sell flags. its not some amazing patriotic pledge that goes back to the christian origins of our nation. its pretty obvious that we are, in fact, not “one nation under god” and are instead one nation under many different religious and non-religious beliefs. would you be comfortable if it read “one nation without god” or “one nation under allah”?

    3)spring break has been celebrated off and on since the greeks. well before jesus. its also celebrated in places like japan which is mostly a buddhist nation.

    4)the whole “war” on christmas thing, i agree, is a bit ridiculous, but in a nation of 300 million people with differing beliefs it makes sense to somewhat “sanitize” things to appeal to the broader population. obviously australia’s population of 20 million mostly white, mostly christian, historically british people is a lot different.

    i think the suggestion that people knew that they were choosing a christian nation by moving to the US is pretty false. weren’t we all raised to understand that the whole point of the US was to have religious freedom in a land without a national religion?

    i understand why some of this would sound whiny to you, but i hope you understand that if people didn’t speak up about these things the likelihood of our nation being tolerant to individuals of all religious backgrounds in the future would be much less.

    did you know that until 1956, the united states’ unofficial motto was “e pluribus unum”. it wasn’t until 1956 that we adopted “in god we trust”. in our history, there are many hallowed principles- the idea that we are a christian nation under one god that is noble because it “tolerates” other religious beliefs is simply not one of them. the religious independence created by our constitution is.

  2. my point was really that no one will ever agree on anything and so people should just do what they want and stop trying to make everyone else conform to their beliefs. If people don’t want to say God, don’t. If people don’t want to say the pledge, don’t. If people don’t wan’t to celebrate Christmas, then don’t. But stop crying and whining if OTHER people DO want to do those things. put it this way… if i had a kid who was in school with other children and they recited the pledge… and some other little child said “one nation under allah”- i wouldn’t give two shits. BUT… I bet there ARE people who would whine and bitch and moan and go to the principle to complain about this child who was just trying to express his own beliefs. THOSE are the people who annoy me.It doesn’t affect them or their lives, yet they STILL go and whine about it. If something REALLY affects your life, fine, speak up. But sometimes I think people complain for the sake of getting their way! Just let people believe and do what they want. Speaking up is one thing… but complaining about every little thing is just flat out annoying.

  3. Sorry mate but I think your facts are a little off with the “20million, mostly white, mostly christian, historically british” comment. This is straight off an Aussie government website “The Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs in Australia estimated that, in 2005, 25% of the Australian workforce was born outside of Australia and 40% had at least one parent born outside of Australia.???

    Also, out of our population (20 odd mil), 7.3 million people were either born outside Australia or are children of parents born overseas. In fact, more languages are spoken in Sydney than in any other city in the world and more than 100 different ethnic groups live in Australia as a whole. We’re actually the most multicultural society on earth. The difference is, people that come here know that our government bases their policies on Christian beliefs before they accept their citizenship or permanent residency. Other than that, they are free to practice whatever religion they choose. We even have a calendar of dates for every different religion on our department of immigration website ( There’s just no justification in any society for accepting the ways things are and then complaining later.

    Generally we leave the whinging to the Poms 😉

  4. Elsja, just wait until you apply for perm residency and have to sign the Australian values statement;)

    I wouldn’t like god on the Pepsi can either, but I don’t drink Pepsi so we’re cool…


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