I’m glad it was one of the girls who went home tonight… but WHY THE HELL wasn’t it Brooke? I don’t understand how that girl is still in the top 5. She always seems to choke. Probably just has a lot of friends who call 34095834 times. Carly was so much better than Brooke in my opinion. Sure Brook plays piano and guitar- but this is a singing competition.

I think I’ve changed my votes this week and these are now my top Faves in order (really I only have 2 faves, the rest don’t matter):


I really thought Jason would be in the bottom 2 due to the judge comments…but when they said he was safe, I literally threw my hands in the air and yelled out “YEEEES!” Jason is still great in my eyes, but this week he just acted like he didn’t give a shit and he wasn’t my fave in terms of his song. I still think that if he put out an album, I’d buy it before I buy David Cook’s.

Is anyone else REALLY excited for Neil Diamond week? I freaking love Neil Diamond. Way better than stupid Mariah Carey last week.


2 thoughts on “Ciao Carly!”

  1. dude, I LOVE NEIL DIAMOND. i cant wait.

    brooke is a lot better than carly though and she’d be a lot more successful on the radio. carly, while having a decent voice, is a little to 80’s glam rocker to actually go anywhere. brooke is like fiona apple or feist. she may not technically be a better singer, but she’s packaged her voice with a sincerity that connects with people.

    that said, cook killed it this week. archuletta continues to be boring. jason castro needs a haircut. he looks like a cross between jack johnson and the predator. syesha is really good, but i imagine she’ll be #3 or #4. next week either castro or brooke will be gone.

  2. I think next week either brooke or syesha will be gone. Syesha has been in the bottom group SOOOO many times. Her luck has to run out eventually. I agree- brooke probably would do better on the radio- but it doesn’t matter… she shouldn’t win over the others. David A. was boring. He was so good at first, he just isn’t ready for tours and record deals quite yet. He needs to liven up.

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