I’m leaving in 8 hours for Sydney! Just saying bye to you all one last time 🙂 I hope the next 5 weeks in California are fabulous for you all. Even though my boyfriend thinks 5 weeks is NO time at all- I think it is a lot of time and lots of things could happen in 5 weeks.

When I come back, it will only be a month til Shannon‘s wedding, Preston will have started 1st grade, Emma will have started pre-school, I will no longer be 25 years old, everyone will have celebrated Labor Day in some way, my sister’s bday will only be 1 week away… so much can happen in so little time 🙂


I will blog often about my adventures and the exciting things I do while away so check back often! I will miss you all. Well, maybe not ALLLL of you 🙂 hehe jk!



and p.s. for those of you who requested belts- I advise you to really really think about whether or not you will still want them in 5 weeks. I mean seriously, the belt trend here has arrived and it could go pretty quickly. Ill email you in September to see if you’re still interested 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ciao Peeps!”

  1. Thanks for remembering the belt situation! Also if there is another trend that is soon to take over the US of A, then I also want some of those. Thanks! Have a safe flight and I love you!!!

  2. Don’t worry, soon you’ll be safe and sound back in the good ole US of A with all those nice things to look forward to…I’ll try and make your 5 weeks go quick and not be too painful.

    Shannon, yes there are lots of new trends with the girls starting down here – one of them is walking around nude in public. Maybe you should all start doing that this week before it becomes popular over there too.

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