My trip is almost over and that makes me sad. I woke up a little while ago and thought, “I only get to wake up here two more days and then it’s back to my uncomfortable bed.” 🙁 I guess we knew this had to happen, and we knew it would come quickly but not this quickly! sad. On a happier note, last night I made my yummy delicious pasta again and Andrew and I drank two bottles of wine. I’ll quote Shannon when I say “I like staying home and drinking wine with my boyfriend way more than I like going out.” Today Andrew got the day off work (yay) so I don’t know what we’ll be doing, but it looks nice out. Much better weather than earlier in the week when it was pouring rain. Tonight we are going to centrepoint bar at the top of the huge Centrepoint Tower in Sydney. Ok that’s all for now.

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