Confessions of a Bus Driver

On the bus yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a bus driver have a conversation with himself. Well at least I thought he was talking to himself but then I realised he was having a conversation with the girl sitting in the very front, she just wasn’t talking back.

I first listened to him go on and on about the difficult sharp turn he had to make now that they changed the bus route. Then he blabbed on about something else for awhile and finally he started telling a tale about a dream he had. It was at this point that I decided to record everything he said (nearly word for word) to share with you all.

Bus Driver Confession #1

I had a dream last night. I had a dream my doctor was sick. My doctor was sick and I was helping him. He couldn’t get to his car, and I had to help him, but I didn’t know where his car was. It was across something and we couldn’t get to it. But I had to help him. Then we saw his car and I pushed the button on the thing because I knew which one it was.

That’s all I remember.

I need to call my doctor. If I get a dream, 90% of my dreams are for a reason. I have one dream every 6-8 months and most of the time they are true. There’s something wrong.

Bus Driver Confession #2

I watched a movie about Mexico. It’s REALLLY bad there. It’s really bad because of the drugs. In one town 46 people were shot in one day. Because they are so close to America and they bring in the drugs.

Bus Driver Confession #3

Joanna Maria Rose…  Rose…  RRRROOOOSSSSAAAA


I SO wanted to stay on the bus and hear more. Alas, I reached my stop. I wonder if the girl in the front seat was Joanna Maria Rosa. Maybe she was from Mexico. I guess I’ll never know.

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