loud.pngI’m sitting here in my apartment trying to work and I am about to go insane! Our apartment is exceptionally loud. We face a smallish street, but little did we know-it is like a main highway. In addition to the 5 billion cars that drive up and down all day, we also get trucks, busses and loud motorcycles.

Today this place seems exceptionally loud. LOUD ASS trucks are driving by every 1-2 minutes. Cars NEVER END. There?were some gardeners across the street using their leaf blowers and lawn mowers, 2 ambulances have gone past…. oh… in fact I hear a distant 3rd. The baby downstairs?has been?crying, earlier some random child was screaming its head off. I can hear hammering and banging every now and then from the construction site down the street and now there are some freaking annoying cicada bugs buzzing non stop. Oh, lets not forget the 18 species of birds that hang out in the trees out front.

Oh here goes another truck… oh and to top it off, there is now some “beep beep beep beep” from another truck that is obviously backing up.

I swear, our window is like a sound vortex. It sucks in ALL possible noise from the street and surrounding areas and it just amplifies a million times. The shitty thing is… we don’t have air conditioning- so unless I want to melt in here, I have to leave the patio door open. Oddly enough- even though the patio lets in all possible noise, it hardly lets in air.

Oh here’s another leaf blower… and a bus.


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