So it looks like my crafty skills require a bit of practice. I probably should stick to painting but I really want to be crafty too! I finally got a chance to make the wine charms I was hoping to create. Well, lets just say that my first attempt was… not what I was hoping for. But I had an epiphany today of another idea and so I gave it a shot! So far so good, but I have to wait for the resin to dry and harden before I can finish them so we’ll see what happens. These ones were a lot easier to make than my first versions (I attempted to paint bottlecaps, turns out paint doesnt stick well to metal).

Anyways I decided I love resin and I want to think of other uses for this fun product; however, it’s pretty dangerous and it says not to breath in the fumes- but I never actually smell fumes so I don’t know if I was breathing them in. Probably not a good thing- if I start convulsing out of the blue, you’ll know why. The box also said we should wear gloves… eh… didn’t do that either. Also probably wasn’t a good idea to do my project in the kitchen, where I cook and eat. Eh.. whatev.   I’ll post pictures in the next few days.


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