I decided to become a crafter. It’ll probably last a day and then I’ll get over it. But who knows… maybe my newfound (potential) hobby will continue past this weekend!

My First project:

Wine Charms.


No, I didn’t make these… but I will. In case you dont know what these are- they are little charms you place on the stems of your wine glasses when you have numerous people sipping the lovely fruit of the vine in your humble abode. These charms help identify whose glass is whose. These would have been of great assistance to me when I almost drank a glass of wine with a roach in it… ok- way off topic…

So I am jacking this girl’s idea for these charms and I will make them this weekend. Although I don’t know exactly what I’ll put on them- maybe ill use pictures like she did or maybe ill just paint crap. We’ll see how they turn out. If they turn out fabulous- I’ll take pictures and post them for all to see. If they turn out looking like dirt… we’ll forget I ever wrote this post.


And just to end this blog on a totally random note I will post a quote from my cute boyfriend (remember, it’s winter there):

It’s so cold. Your nipples would look awesome here at the moment.


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