I admit it… I kill bugs. When there’s a spider in my shower- I rinse it down the drain and I always feel guilty after- but I don’t want it in my shower! I told Shannon last week that I’m a bug racist because I kill spiders and ugly things, but I spared the life of a ladybug last week when it was stuck on my car door. I blew it away before I closed the door, so I wouldnt smash it. If that was a spider- it would have been toast.

So anyways, because of this guilt, I try not to kill bugs that aren’t in my way. So a couple weeks ago I saw this big creepy spider on this cart in my garage. It was ugly. I even told my dad about it and he said he saw it too- but you know what?? I had no reason to kill it. It’s in my garage, not bothering me. So I let it live.

Well, tonight I learned my lesson. I realized why I SHOULD kill all bugs! The damn thing was evidently pregnant. I went to put some clothes in the dryer and in the corner of my eye  I saw pollen looking stuff on the cart (near the dryer)… but it was MOVING. Umm… yeah… probably 100 tiny baby spiders crawling around. The nozzle on our bug spray is broken so I got out some bleach cleaner and sprayed the shit out of those things. Now, I should feel guilty for killing hundreds of BABY bugs- but I DON’T!!! I don’t want to get spider bites because I decided to spare the lives of those little things. I feel like they are crawling all over me. I need a shower.

Death to the spiders!! Just wait Australia- I am coming to kill your bugs! Except roaches. I’m scarrrred of roaches… so if i see one of those- I’ll put a bowl over it and wait for Andrew to come home and get it!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! when i’d see a roaches in my apartment i’d put a bowl over it and make my neighbor take care of it! i’m such a wuss when it comes to roaches.

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