Cru 54… A Restaurant Review

Two blogs in one day?  I know…what is this world coming to?  Well, my list below was just too long so I didn’t want to include this post at the end of it all. It deserves it’s own special space so I’m writing my second blog post for the day.

On Wednesday, Andrew and I met up with his friend Mike and his GF SJ for dinner at a cute little place called Cru 54 in Surry Hills. So this is a little Spanish Tapas type restaurant where you order several smaller dishes for you all to share. Here’s what we ordered (and my thoughts on the dishes):


  1. Empanadillas- these little eggplant/tomato/cheesy pastry beauties were my favorite! I had 4 of them and I probably would have had more if they weren’t $3 bucks each. While 3 bucks is not a lot, it does seem a bit much when these little gems were about the size of my thumb.
  2. Cous Cous Moro- I was really pleased with this as well… it had pumpkin and parsnip (which I wasn’t sure about) and raisins as well as some other herbs and spices. I was pleasently surprised!
  3. Patatas Bravas- Yummy sliced and lightly fried potatos that were even more delicious because of the wonderful cumin and coriander paste that they came with.
  4. Pollo a la Vasca- chicken stew stuff… I didn’t eat it because it wasn’t made with chicken breast- I think the comments from the others were that it was “different.” But they ate all of it so it must have been pretty good.
  5. Calamares a la Plancha- Calamari  GAG… no thanks. But everyone else was raving about it and saying how tender it was. Gross.
  6. Gambas con Jamon y datil- Again… no seafood and ham for me thanks. I didn’t really hear the others comment too much on this one either. I was too busy enjoying my cous cous.
  7. Chorizo- Yeah I don’t eat meat.
  8. Peach Creme Brulee- Mike and SJ ordered this but I didn’t have any. Really after 4 empanadillas I didn’t need any more calories. 


Ok… so while I only ate 3 of the 8 things we got… I REALLY enjoyed all three of those things and I was definitely full at the end of it all- just not overly stuffed. We also got a bottle of wine and it was served in these really funky but nice wine glasses. Overall I think the food was very good, however there weren’t many “main” type options for vegetarians (only side dish type things). It was a bit pricey for everything, but it would be a good place to go if you’re in the mood for something a little different and a little special.


I have a restaurant review for you all. I’m supposed to do these more often (to reach my goal of 20), but I always forget. So now I’m writing number 2 of 20.

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