As mentioned in my last post, I’ve had some stomach issues for many years. I’ll spare you all the details but basically I have exhausted all options of medical tests, medicine and even have had the conversation of surgery with one of my docs. But since none of those things seemed to be the answer, I decided that perhaps it would be worthwhile to test out my diet. There is a high likelihood that certain foods are causing me troubles. As a child I was in the hospital after drinking milk, yet I consume dairy all the time now. Cheese is my weakness. Maybe it’s that? Or maybe excess sugar and high processed foods are doing me in.

For the purposes of this blog, from now on I will refer to my elimination diet as D Diet, (D for devil, depressing, disgusting, etc.) Aptly named since for the next two weeks I will be eating nothing but salad greens, sprouts, cucumber, celery, quinoa and buckwheat. Sound appetising? I lie, I do get the luxury of sweet potato and a bit of garlic and onion as well… that will definitely be my saving grace. Ahhh, the pain I must go through to try to free myself from pain. Quite ironic.

At the beginning of this D Diet  there is a cleanse. On the first day, you’re meant to have cucumber and celery juice. I wasn’t about to go out and spend $200 bucks on a juicer so I figured a food processor would work.

No. Not good.

Food processed celery and cucumber sludge is NOT appetising. It’s nowhere near the light, refreshing juice that it’s meant to be. It’s crazy since I actually like celery and cucumber- but when blended together into a mirky slop it’s just plain terrible.

The dry, grasslike rabbit food salad wasn’t any better. Spinach, kale, mixed greens, alfalfa sprouts and cucumber… shoot me now. The hint of fresh garlic made it somewhat easier to tolerate but I decided I’d rather go hungry than eat a full bowl full. You do typically lose weight on this diet. Now I realise it’s not because the food is so much healthier, it’s because the food is so gross the first few days that I’d rather starve.


2 thoughts on “D Diet: Day 1”

  1. This doesn’t seem healthy AT ALL…. I can guarantee you with no protien…I would have the shakes and pass out after 2 days. be careful my baby

    1. That was just the first day. Now I get to eat quinoa (full of protein) and buckwheat and sweet potato. I’m getting all my nutrition. 🙂

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