I know it’s still early but I’m eagerly awaiting some a-ha moment with this diet to let me know it’s actually doing something. So far I haven’t noticed much of anything… except for a bit of weight loss- can’t complain about that!

I haven’t been hungry and craving snacks all day. I don’t know if this is because the food I’m eating is genuinely filling me up OR if it’s because I know I can’t have any yummy snacks anyway so I don’t really think about them. I’m guessing a it’s a combination of the two.

I’ve had this lump in the throat feeling for months now which is one of the reasons I went to the doctor in the first place. Well, it hasn’t subsided yet. Really hope it does as that is one of the things bothering me the most.

Eating dry, tasteless salads is definitely getting easier, but it’s still not pleasant.

It’s pretty crazy to think that I’ve gone 6 full days without eating ANY meat, dairy, sugar, seasonings/spices, most veggies, processed foods, fruit, caffeine or alcohol. Just that accomplishment alone makes me proud. Now let’s hope it actually helps in the end.

All this boring food deserves a reward. I’m off to get my hair done!

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