15 days after starting the D Diet I finally got a juicer… well, I’m borrowing one from my gracious father-in-law.  After using it 3 times, I’m pretty sure I will be buying my own one day when I have to give this one back. I love it!! Everyone always says how hard they are to clean but it takes me about 3 minutes total to clean the whole thing… less time than it takes to clean my food processor.

I’ve made cucumber celery juice twice, which is suprisingly not bad, but tonight I made celery, cucumber, and carrot juice and it was freaking delicious. I’m craving more now… I could drink gallons of it.

Finally something on this diet I completely look forward to! Too bad it doesn’t actually fill me up.

Day 16 and still going strong. I finally added my first food back in, regular potatoes. It’s amazing how happy one little food could make me.



5 thoughts on “Juicy Juice”

  1. You are amazing!! So happy to learn the juicer is an excitement for making something delicious to intake. Hugs Boog

  2. I’ve been very impressed you sticking with it! I know it’s been tough but are you feeling better? I was curious that now you’re off of most foods if your stomach problems have cleared up. I hope so. 🙂

    1. I don’t feel much different in general, but I haven’t felt BAD, so that’s a good thing. I’ve definitely had some reactions to specific foods and not to others, so it’s really interesting to see how my body deals with different things. Still have a LONG way to go though.

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