Jen and I went to the Dashboard Confessional concert last night and it was AMAZING!! I was excited to go but little did I know just how much I would enjoy it. The fans were CRAZY. Loudest encore screaming I have ever heard. They had an awsome stage set-up. As Chris Carraba said “we wanted to make our stage beautiful for you.” Well, maybe that’s not a direct quote, but he said something along those lines. And they SURE DID make it beeeauuutiful!!! (although you can’t really tell from the pictures).

One of my FAVORITE parts was when he played “Rooftops and Invitations.” He asked the entire audience to hold up their cell phones (I couldn’t ’cause I left mine in the car.. oops)… but, it felt like I was floating in outerspace amongst all the stars. It was beautiful… all these shooting stars started darting across the big screen in the back. Seriously- I LOVE stars… and I LOVE Dashboard… so what could be better than Dashboard playing in an ampitheater that looks like a starry sky?? That’s right… NOTHING! Well, maybe if Andrew was there too- that would be better. Or if my he was the one on stage, and he was singing all those songs to me… that could be better! Some girl(s) out there are very lucky to have such sweet songs written about them.

And… who knew that Chris played the piano too?? I sure didn’t…. but I lovvvve musicians who can play the piano. They even have a violinist now and the drummer had a little xylophone… it was a beautiful set with beautiful music. Or… as jen says “I like the fun sounds they make.” HAHAHA.

Here are a few pics of the WONDERFUL evening. Now I am even more excited to see Muse next week! Yay for great music and concerts.

7-06 Dashboard 006 (Small).jpg


7-06 Dashboard 003 (Small).jpg

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