Andrew got home yesterday from work pretty early and I was in a good mood! Then I got in a bad mood when he told me some bad news about our whole visa situation… but then my good mood came back when we decided to go for a walk. I really never go on walks at home unless it is the walk to my car in a parking lot (although my sister and I do walk around her neighborhood from time to time). I think if there were these beautiful places to walk to nearby… and I had my boyfriend nearby… I may actually go on more walks. Now yes, we have the beaches etc… but they are always so crowded with annoying people and they don’t seem as special and fun since I’ve grown up by them my entire life. Just look at some of the places we go to on the walks near Andrew’s house.

Sydney Week 2 020 (Small).jpgSydney Week 2 009 (Small).jpg












The rest of the day was quite enjoyable as well. We went to dinner at a delicious Thai restaurant (yes, ANOTHER Thai restaurant that I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and then we went and saw “You, Me and Dupree.”  Here’s a picture of us being silly in the theater-or cinema as Andrew would say- before the movie stared. Yes, I know we are retarded!

Sydney Week 2 037 (Small).jpg

What a fun date day/night 🙂 I’m really getting used to this and it’s going to severely suck when I have to leave again and go back to my lonely dateless life.

Also… I thought I would share a few things with you that I miss about home and some things that I love about Sydney.

Things I miss from Cali:

My family and friends

Parking lots

Warm weather

Cheap stuff (food, drinks, clothes… etc. everything here is so expensive)

Driving on the right side of the road

(p.s.- I don’t even miss Tsunami because the food here is just as good)

Things I love about Sydney:

Sakata rice crackers (I’m perfectly happy giving up my baked lays for these delicious little snacks)

Thai food (ok they have that at home, but I never eat it there)

Yummy dip (notice my first 3 items are all food related)

Walking down the street to shops/restaurants/yoga

Andrew’s bed (so much more comfy than my distorted, concaved mattress)

No tipping at restaurants



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  1. by the way… what are you talking about you miss “warm weather”. in that photo of you guys kissing you are wearing short sleeves. can’t be THAT cold.

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